Retro Glamour Model Maria Whittaker Nude Photos

Maria Whittaker (born 7 October, 1969 in Hounslow, London) is a former glamour model and Page Three girl. She is ranked as Glamour Girl #80 in Glamour Girls: An Illustrated Encyclopedia.

Whittaker made her debut as a Page Three girl in newspaper The Sun in 1985, at the age of 16. She soon became one of the most popular models to appear in the feature and was named “Page 3 Girl Of The Year” in 1989. Her younger sister Lisa also appeared on Page Three, and the sisters posed together for photo shoots.

In 1987, Whittaker appeared on the cover of Palace Software’s computer game, Barbarian, along with Michael Van Wijk (aka ‘Wolf’) from the Gladiators television show. However, only Michael Van Wijk appeared on the cover of Barbarian 2 in 1988. In an interview, Palace Software stated that should Barbarian 3 have been released, they would have used model Debee Ashby, for reasons that were not given.